A corporate training license for consultancies and dedicated in-house facilitators


Build your business with world class learning packages!

Ideal for existing or new consultancies and for dedicated in-house trainers.

Packages to develop leaders, teams and sales people

Becoming a License Partner with The Real Learning Experience gives you access to comprehensive training materials that will:

  • Add an income stream to your existing consultancy business

  • Provide everything you need to run high impact programs as an in-house trainer

We currently offer 7 License Packages including The Leadership Academy, The Sales Academy, The Emotionally Intelligent Communicator and the iconic Lasseter's Reef, A Quest for Gold

 As a License Partner you will receive:

  • Access to high quality participant materials

  • Comprehensive Leader's Guides, session plans and delivery support materials

  • Customised marketing materials for each of the Licensed Products

  • A Licensee Certification program to orient you in the program you select

    Our Partner Selection guidelines are detailed in the License Partner info pack

Other ways to get information about becoming a License Partner

Is becoming a License Partner the right move for you? Get all the information you need with these resources.

 Do we belong together?

Before becoming a License Partner you need to know whether our products fit with your current business or would work for your people. Do the messages in our training 'sync' with your own views of business and life or with your current coprorate culture? Do they reinforce existing or planned programs - and will they fit with your own delivery style?

Here are some ways you could find out about our perspective on developing leaders, teams and sales people:


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